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Vikings-Saints rewind observations

The Minnesota Vikings lost a winnable game against the New Orleans Saints on Thursday. It was tailor-made for another in a career of Brett Favre late-game heroics. But he was not sharp and the offense was not in synch and they could not put together the late game drive (like they did in the first half) that could have sealed a victory.

The team has a number of new personnel to get used to (ironic, for a squad that returned 22 of its starters from last season), and they have a few players (Favre, Pat Williams, Percy Harvin, John Sullivan) that need more reps on the field before they are ready to take on teams of the caliber of the defending Super Bowl champs.

Re-watching the game, there are a few observations worth making that may or may not of have been top of mind when caught up in the emotion of this tilt:

Bernard Berrian is not comfortable as punt returner. He had two fair catches, one fumble, two returns for two yards (one in which he tripped and tackled himself).

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