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Unstoppable: The Story of George Mikan: The First NBA Superstar
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Diary of a Mad Househusband: Musings on Life as a Stay-at-Home Dad
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Unstoppable: The Story of George Mikan, 
the First NBA Superstar

George L. Mikan (Author), Joseph Oberle (Author)

The story of George Mikan's roll in pro basketball is highlighted, from his days as the NBA's first superstar and his seven championships to his influence as the American Basketball Association's first commissioner. As a player, some of his honors included being named "Mr. Basketball" for the first half of this century by the Associated Press and being selected one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history. Photos throughout.





Diary of a Mad Househusband:
Musings on Life as a Stay-at-Home Dad

Review Diary Of A Mad Househusband: Musings On Life As A Stay-At-Home Dad gives a valiant, humorous, articulate voice to America's growing numbers of stay-at-home dads. Diary Of A Mad Househusband cries out from the wilderness laundry mountains, metal jungle playgrounds, and foreign lands (like the grocery store).

Fathers and mothers will both appreciate the wit, wisdom, and wry insights born from the trials and tribulations of househusband Joseph Oberle. Embarking on a grand experiment in parenting, Oberle quit his job as a reporter to stay home full-time with his toddler son, Seth. Diary Of A Mad Househusband is a wonderful adventure in pint-sized male-bonding. As Oberle writes: "One major difference between having a child in daycare and staying home with your child is the amount of time the child has to distribute toys throughout the house. "

Diary Of A Mad Househusband is highly recommended reading for all men contemplating a domestic career -- and the women who love them! -- Midwest Book Review

Joseph Oberle, a journalist who decided with his wife that he could stay at home and raise their child while she became primary breadwinner, wrote a book about it. How could he have known in advance that it would be the hardest, yet most rewarding job he would ever have? For two years he learned the ins and outs of being a househusband. During that time he began writing down his thoughts. These musings form the basis of this heartwarming and very funny book.

We follow his adventures with his son, Seth, from the grocery store to the local park. We grow with Oberle as he learns to talk the talk and walk the walk of male motherhood. He learns the truth about entropy from Seth and is constantly amazed by the boundless joy and energy he finds in his son.

Oberle also offers us a peak at the love a child gives so freely. "I notice a hole inside me, created by anger, where love should be pouring out, but its not...yet...if you rock with him long enough, his love hole starts pouring back into you...I might miss an opportunity to write, but what the heck...Conquering the publishing world can wait.... His insights make a book laden with good humor, warm and inviting. -- From Independent Publisher